Hello to all I just picked up a new XPT 4 ,got rid of my 16 XP 1000 for it absolutely love it and it does things that I couldn’t even imagine in the dunes but ever since day one I have had a clutch issue when put into gear it will lurch forwards or backwards and makes a funny noise when in park or neutral this is my 5th RZR and I’ve never heard any of them do that also it is very hard to shift unless you turn it off and then turn it back on I checked the clutches and the secondary stays spinning all the time I assumed it was an issue with my primary clutch so I got a brand new primary from the dealer and installed an EPI clutch kit and new belt at the same time it fixed it for about 24 hours until the belt broke in and now it’s doing it all over again I am at a complete loss and every dealer in my area is backed up for 6 to 8 weeks any ideas what it could be ??

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