Looking for some thoughts on what this noise is. I am leaning towards wheel bearing, but will 200 miles on the machine I’d like to believe Polaris parts aren’t this bad so quickly. If this is a wheel bearing, is this something that Polaris will warranty even though we have now swapped out the wheels and tires for 32’s? Or is it smarter to just upgrade the bearing and be done with the stock stuff?

Some background:
2018 XPT4, 27 hours and 237miles on the machine. This noise has been present since approx 50 miles, I always thought it was coming from the sway bar not being greased. Today I tore the sway bar off and greased everything but found that when I push or pull on the top of the tire I get this noise. I have torqued the castle nut, the radius arms, the trailing arm to the hub housing, and the caliper mount. There is no movement except when yanking back and forth on the tire. We have driven almost 200 miles on it like this, only hearing the noise occasionally. The machine has 32’s on it now, but did this with stock wheels and tires for over 100 miles.

Video Link Below:

Thanks in advance!

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