I just got this machine and ever since I got it its had a problem with erratic idling and stalling

The engine is all stock
It starts easily with no throttle needed
This happens when the engine is cold or hot
Throttle response is good cold or hot

So far I have replaced:

Spark plugs
Fuel pump
Fuel Filter
In tank fuel pressure regulator
Completely drained tank and replaced old gas with fresh premium gas

Also I took off the air box and inspected the throttle body boots between the TB’s and cylinders,
The TB’s weren’t on completely so I loosened the boots up and pushed them on all the way.
Tightened everything back up and everything is clean and tight from the cylinders back the air box.

Anyone have any other ideas?

I’ve drove it around about 10 miles and it runs good otherwise, pretty fast.
I haven’t pushed it over 60 mph yet because the rollers on my secondary are flat spotted (Thats another story, I cannot get the secondary off this thing)

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