I’m from Norway so sorry for my bad English.
Ever since I bought my 2013 polaris rzr 900 walker evans turbo I have had a problem with the machine breaking when I get up to speed. It’s all normal up to about 50-60kmt IF i am very soft on the throttle, but when I reach some speed it’s just like I slam on the brake, and I have to give it almost enough throttle to reach full boost just to maintain the speed limits (street legal)

If I am just a little hard on the throttle, it is “breaking” the entire time. I have now gone through 3 belts, cleaned the clutches many times and did a full EPI clutch kit today to change all the worn down parts + changed both springs and tried other weights and nothing is helping!!

This really drives me crazy as this is tearing on engine, turbo and other stuff as I have to push it ALLOT more then it should be on just regular driving.

MCX turbokit, fully built motor, stronger bearings in the transmission, dynojet and so on.. Attachment 512657Attachment 512665Attachment 512673

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