I took my xp900 out in the desert last sunday and noticed my top speed is down a few MPH from it’s usual (70-71 and bumping the limiter VS. 78-80). My belt has around 2000 miles on it now (gates c12). I always blow my clutches out after rides or before the next ride and it never sees mud or water. I’m considering upgrading my clutches in the near future. Do most people get more life out of STM clutches than oem? or is the service life about the same as OEM? it’s only about $600-$700 more to go stm over stock for the pair. I can’t complain one bit about the life i’ve gotten from these clutches, or this machine. It’s been completely trouble free for 225 hours and 3500 miles. I just know the clutches do have a service life. and it seems i’m nearing what most people see out of them. I may toss a new belt on it and see how it does after that, after my replacement tire comes in. nailed a rock with my left rear landing/sliding around a corner at 60 mph…… Thanks in advance for any input you may have, i appreciate it.
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