I have had this 2011 900 xp (fox shocks) since new and have drove the sh– out of the girl. What a machine. I want to do some suspension work on her. I ride both in sand dunes and higher speed trails. I think I am going to go with some dual rate springs for both the front and back. Eibach, Shock Therapy….. When I get the springs I also want to rebuild and re-valve the shocks myself. Boy do they need lots more rebound damping w/ stock springs. Does anyone have what the stock fox shocks compression and damping have in them as the valving is concerned? If I have an idea of what is in them stock I can make a guess of what is needed and get the valves/shims ordered when I order the springs. Also is the piston some odd ball piston. I read somewhere it is a one hole very low flow piston? I could also get a new high flow piston on order if this is the case. Has any one done a dual spring with a re-valve and know what valve stacks worked after the re-spring? This would sure save me some time. Maybe I should email whomever I get the springs from and see if they have a recommended valve/shim stack recommendation.

Thanks for the input.

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