Bought my 2012 xp 900 new as a leftover in 2014 with 5 miles on it. Got a great year out of it with no issues whatsoever. 2500 miles on it without a problem to be exact. After that I have had nothing but trouble with the charging system.
First time it acted up it was telling me over voltage. Took it in and had stator and voltage regulator tested. Stator was fine. Ended up replacing the voltage regulator. Got 1,000 miles and half a summer out of it before getting the OV message again.
Took it back in and had the same thing done. Stator working as it should so they replaced the VR again. Didn’t get 300 miles out of it and I got a low voltage message along with a near fire from the wires melting where the stator and VR plug together. Barely made it back to where I could get to it with my truck on battery power.
Once again, brought it in to the dealer and had everything tested. They are dumbfounded along with every other dealer in the vicinity. I then said screw it and bought an aftermarket regulator off of the internet and hardwired it to see if anything would change. Still had the same result with the wires getting too hot to touch coming out of the stator.
I since then have bought a new stator (Even though OEM stator is still testing 100%) and a new voltage regulator from the same company and had them installed along with a new ground wire ran to the chassis. Same issue with the wires getting too hot to touch! However, it is maintaining a 14.2 volt charge.
I am at a complete loss here! Also, for those of you thinking that it might be covered under the recall, it isn’t…I’ve tried. I have replaced everything that could possibly be changed to the charging system and still having issues! I am on my 4th voltage regulator and now a brand new stator along with two brand new batteries!
If there is anybody out there who has been having issues with this or could possibly conjure up a solution, please I am ALL ears.

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