Hi Guys, I’m upgrading from my 800S to a 900XP. Budget is a major concern, as I want to keep it under $10k if possible. Found one in my area with 2500 miles, 150 hours, and a bunch of accessories (doors, roof, full windshields, storage box, and newer Mongrel tires). He’s asking $10k or best. I don’t know too much about the 900xp’s and their common issues, but I do know the power and suspension is a huge upgrade over my current machine. Should I hold off and wait for something with lower miles/hours? What’re common wear and tear items I’d have to be replacing soon with this mileage? I do about 1000 miles of riding a year, and I’m always wrenching on my 800. Know the 800 inside and out, just wondering what I’d be getting into with the XP. Thanks!
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