Hey guys, I’ve been reading and reading and having no luck finding any info on this mcx turbo kit on my 2011 xp 900. I’m about to just ditch it and go to a pcv and larger injectors. But giving it one last shot here.

First off, my mcx injectors are spraying at a idle, which I don’t think they should be. Although the rzr runs great, at wide open throttle it goes very lean, not quite lean enough That the injectors aren’t working(I unplugged them to test and it goes way leaner), but around 16-17 lean. I tried turning the boost down to see if any change, same thing happened. I also just put a new quantum fuel pump in it thinking maybe it was starving.. No change.

I don’t know if maybe my mcx box needs remapped? Or if this is something I can even do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!

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