Hello everyone, well it has happened, I dusted my engine. Smokes like crazy and burns a ton of oil, still runs like a champ though. I tore it all the way down to crank. Bearings are great, crank looks great. Cylinder and piston skirts have zero imperfections. Cylinder head looks a little rough, cant even turn the intake cam by hand, going to send it off to have rebuilt.

I am going to replace all of the bearings while I’m in there.
crank GGGGGY blue, green,green,green
case 122111
rods 2F green, green
Counter balance – bearings are same for 2014

I think I did those right….

What do you guys recommend I do about the cylinder, pistons, and rings???? I am getting mixed advice from all different directions, some say do not reuse the jug, others are saying light hone new piston and rings, while another is saying you cannot hone these, cant even do it with a diamond hone.

Please help, any advice is greatly appreciated…


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