I bought a 2012 rzr 900 xp voodoo blue le about 3 weeks ago. I rode it a lot and took it riding one day and flipped it and bent a few things. Just got it all fixed and the tires were shot. They were stock 26x11r12s. I bought a set of 25x10r12s to put on it and now my machine will run about 6000 rpm at 40mph. It used to run about 70-75 and now it runs about 58-60. I don’t know if the tires are making this difference or what else it could be. I just replaced the belt with a gates g force belt today and it still runs high rpms. I don’t understand why it’s running such high rpms at such a low speed unless it was the tires. These tires are definitely lighter than the old ones but I didn’t think 1” would make that big of a difference. Please help me, I am supposed to go riding tomorrow on backroads with a bunch of buddies and I can’t keep up going 45 mph at 7500 rpm I feel like I’m going to blow this thing up. I need any advice you could give me to figure this thing out

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