I have about 5000 miles on my XP. Runs well. I’m upgrading from a 2010 800 trail model. The 800 had stepped collars so I need some education.
I have Fox 2.0? shocks. The fronts are red springs and blue knobs on the shocks for dampening. The rear has two springs. The top small one is completely compressed when the XP is sitting on the ground with no riders, but full of my stuff, pro-box roof, storage box with about 25 lbs of parts, tools, and 1,3 gallon steel fuel can. I have stock sized 12 rims and 27″ tires. I am about 225lbs clothed and wife is about 150 ish.
I downloaded an owner’s manual for 2013 XP 900.
It shows two different shocks pictures of which neither of mine fit. Both setups have different pre-load.
1) Fox shocks and the damper knob is correct, but shows single rear spring. Pre-load of the rear is 3.625 and front is 7.625 in
2) Walker Evans (which I dont have) shows different shock knob placement, BUT does show the dual springs on the rear. Pre-load front (single spring) 6.56 and Rear (dual springs) 0.94

A few questions:
– It seems I have Fox shocks but dual rear springs. The manual shows two really different pre-loads for the two different setups. Which do I go with?
– What is the purpose of the short upper spring on the rear? a) Soft spring to take the little bumps, i.e. sort of variable rate, b) to keep the suspension/main spring under compression when your in the air jumping and the wheels droop.

What is the best way to adjust the springs?
Based on ride height of the front and rear of the RZR. Not sure of the height they should be, 13″ maybe but tighten springs till I get the correct ground clearance.
Based on droop percentage. Ground clearance of 14″ tires about to come of the ground, then it drops to 12″ when its lowered to the ground with passengers and gear? I made those numbers up; have no idea what they should be.

Thanks all!!!

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