I have a relatively stock ’12 900 XP and live in the Black Hills of South Dakota at about 3200′. Looking at buying a clutch kit and maybe a tuner. I see a lot of issues on the forum with tuners so may shy away from that for now unless someone can point me to a rock solid setup.

For the clutching, I’ve been looking at a SLP kit for 4500′ and above but wonder how it will perform when riding below that altitude. Anyone have any experience with clutching at or around the 4500′ mark? A lot of the riding we do around here is at or above that mark, but not all of it.

Also, having some hard starting issues when cold. Did compression tests tonight both cold and warmed up. Both cylinders were about 70 psi cold and 140 warm. Unsure what they’re supposed to be but wondering if the low cold compression is to blame for the hard starting. Once it’s warmed up, it runs great and starts no problem at all. Anyone else experience this?

Lastly, looking for a place to send my motor this winter for some performance work–who’s the 900 whisperer that makes these things sing?

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