This may get quite lengthy but I am at my wits end at this point.. little bit of history.. Havent driven rzr much at all last year or so.. here and there everytime battery was dead so id jump it usually.. Sat for probably 2 months or so assumed was dead battery again, but it wont jump now… So i try several jump boxes.. Multiple pairs of jumper cables.. multiple batterys..

What it does:
It just clicks constantly or tries to give a half of a turn of engine.. and then start to click as if something is locked up.. Things ive done so far are:

Jumped the starter relay via screwdriver – same thing
Replaced starter – same thing
While I was there I checked idler gear thing that is known to come lose on the 11-12 models, it was only very slightly had a wiggle, I took that off and lock tighted it down etc..

Old starter did spin freely on bench test with 12V but did seem oily/black inside it so I assumed it was weak etc when I ordered a new one. Brushes looked very nasty inside it..

engine spins freely WITHOUT spark plugs in it..via starter…
I can turn the engine with the spark plugs in.. no issue

What it boils down to is that it seems either something is binding up with the starter gears or it simply does not have the punch it needs to fire this thing. Ive had a very solid set of cables to multiple car batteries… It just seems weak, or binding up somewhere. If i get anything its maybe 1/4 of what a real crank should be then its done and just clicks..

What am I missing here guys?

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