I need some serious help, my rzr gets sooo hot inside the cab that its literally unbearable to ride in the summer. The only way my wife and I can drive it on a hot day is with the doors open. I’ve actualy had to stop and let my wife out before she fainted from overheating! I bought this thing for us to get out and enjoy ourselves! However, the way this thing heats up. Its far from enjoyable!
Ive read a few threads that said its to be expected with doors, roof, and full front/rear window but is there anything a guy can do to cool it down without removing any accessories? Paid good money for this stuff and would hate to have to get rid of it. Most of the heat seems to be channeling up through the rubber seatbelt cover and around our feet. We’ve tried putting a towel around the seatbelt to block the heat but it still gets hot.
PLEASE, if anyone can help or has any suggestions. Let me know. Thank you
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