When I first bought my Rzr I immediately started looking at ways to improve my cargo carrying ability and stumbled across this thread.

RZR 900 XP or 4 with Polaris Ranger 400 500 bed conversion swap


After seeing this I immediately started looking for used Ranger beds and what it would take to actually put a Ranger bed on my Rzr but ultimately decided that it was a bigger project than I was willing to undertake so instead I ordered a Tusk Rear tire carrier and was overall pleased with my setup until Polaris Released the new General. I hadn’t had my Rzr very long and had just gotten it accessorized to the point that it basically had everything I wanted on it. The loss I would take selling my Rzr to buy a general and starting over on accessories was just more than I could justify. So one night I was surfing the forums as usual and just happened to see that member XP4tothefloor was selling his bed conversion as a kit for about what it would cost me to buy a used Bed so long story short I purchased it. I want to take a minute to brag on XP4tothefloor, he is an absolutely stand up guy. Not only did he spend most of a day in the truck to meet me half way but he also spent most of a day taking photos and writing detailed instructions for me to install this on my Rzr. His kit was very complete and it was very simple to install. I know it took him a lot of time to work out all the details but he absolutely nailed it.

With that being said, I did a few things differently, largely because I have a bench seat and wanted to be able to keep it so I was not able to use his snorkels. I also built a rack for the bed and added a few other items but here is the basically completed build. If anyone is interested I can go into more detail on how I made it all work but overall I’m very pleased with the results. Also, I did not have to cut or modify any of my factory plastics and this can all be put back to stock in an afternoon.

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