I’ve been pretty good about changing my filters with new aftermarket oiled and treated foam filters (with supplied internal cage) since I purchased the XP used with 25 hrs on it. Some dusty conditions in Nevada and Baja but nothing too crazy…No fesh fesh and silty roads. I alway check and swap filters during multi day rides. So, I was not all smiles when my riding buddies reported smoking on deceleration last Baja trip. Some difficulty starting ensued.

With a new Baja trip upcoming I brought the rig in to a reputable shop close to me and the compression was low (below 110 in both cylinders) wet and dry tested. Dust was the culprit, mechanic confirmed and a new top end and preventative internal parts replaced (timing chain ect…).

I asked what the heck I could do to keep the new dust out of my engine so I can preserve my investment. The result? Stock air filter and the S&B particle separator.

Just got back from 10 days in Baja and it was dusty. Over 800 miles and I checked the filter 2 times during the trip. The S&B particle separator worked and I found NO VISIBLE DUST on the filter at each check. My riding buddies brought out their air tanks and blew out clouds of dust off of their stock filters (rzr 1000’s and another xp900, and 800s). You would not want to be down wind from that operation, believe me!

Pretty happy with the S&B and feel like i’ll be keeping the 900 for a few more years.



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