Hey all!

Just thought I would share my new snorkel / air cleaner install. I wanted something that would filter out the super dusty conditions that i run into in Northern Wisconsin, without paying big money for the SB Particle filter.

Here’s what i used:

(1) Engineaire Pre Cleaner $75.00
(1) Spectre 3″ flexible hoses @ $10.00 ea
(2) 3″ Spectre flange mounts @ $7.00 ea
(1) 90deg. Spectre Rubber Elbow @ $8.00
(1) 3″ cold air induction airbox – Includes cone filter – $26.00

So basically i am running a spinning precleaner which will remove the large particles, a 3″ cone style pleated filter, and the stock filter. Cannot say that I notice any difference in the performance, but have not had the chance to use it in dusty conditions yet (winter here). I think it turned out pretty nice, and tucks behind the stock fender without any modification. Best part is that I only had to put a hole in the inner bedside, so I can always go back to stock if need be

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