I just got a 2011 rzr 900xp le with about 2000 miles on it. I have never owned a rzr before. It already has a roof windshield back roll cage/bumper with spare tire holder, yoshimoro exhaust and pro armour doors installed from the things I can tell.

The tires tread is not very good so that is going to be one of my first purchases. I was looking at 14″ rims and 27″ tires. Is this a good combo or should I look at bigger tires etc? I mainly would ride trails in Ohio Kentucky and Pennsylvania some hills and mud

Second question is what are things I should consider upgrading or improving. I’m not really big for more speed just durability and ease of use, or protection.

Third question where is the best place to get a radio unit and speakers I have seen some that install in the roof area and they look durable enough.

Thanks for the advice.

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