Searched the forum here in the XP900 and didn’t find much “New” info on arched forward A arms.
Just put 30’s on my Xp900 and have done the fender mod- but know that the new skins will end up hitting- I really don’t want to have to send my shocks in for them to be shortened – ( Just got them back from shock therapy)-
Hear not to good info on the Super ATV brand… So that is not a consideration…. ( sorry SATV)

I would like to have a set that has everything installed – Ball Joint s ect….ect and not having to worry about a spacer to inhibit turning….

Anyone have something that works-and ready to bolt up and install- along with longer tie rods ( if I need them ) ? I have Super Daves bushings in my stock A arms and can use them- ( if a guy can get them out) but pressing out old ball joints and re-install seems pointless, and end up screwing one up..or two.

I know the xp’s are limited on product these day’s but would like some updated info what works and what to stay away from– I am not considering price over function… Just something that WORKS!! .. I just don’t know if 2″ or less is required…

Thanks in advance !!

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