I have an ongoing issue with my Speedometer/Gauge Cluster flickering – basically it turns on for about 5 seconds then shuts off for a few seconds and continuously does this over and over. I just replaced the voltage regulator thinking that was it and didn’t do a thing. I’ve tested power at each prong on the back of the speedo and none of them are cutting power like to cluster is. Also the arm for the speed makes a ticking noise non stop. So my next step is try a different speedo and see what that does. Rather than spending $300 on a new one not knowing if it’ll fix it or not I was wondering if anyone has one laying around or would be willing to send me there’s just so I can confirm whether or not that is the issue. I of course will send it back and pay all shipping. I know it’s a stretch but I would appreciate it!

2011 XP 900

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