Hello, I’m a first time owner of a 2013 rzr 900 xp. I’ve never owned anything but quads, and I have to say after 20 hours, I love this thing. It’s very impressive, but also very different than what I’m used to. One issue that’s absolutely driving me nuts is a squeaking in the suspension. I’ve isolated it to the spherical bearings/ heim joint (front and rear, upper and lower). They apparently get locked up, dry, rusty, etc. Based on some threads on here, I found info for greasing these (temp fix) or replacing these with teflon coated (long term fix). However, what was listed was for the Walker Evans shocks, but not for the Fox podium shocks. FKS8T for fronts, FKS9T for rear, and FKS10T for the trailing arms while you’re in there anyway. On the thread that I found this info, someone with the fox shocks said these did not fit. So can someone familiar with this job please help me out with the parts needed to fix the squeaking on the fox shocks? Bearing part numbers, o rings, etc?

I’ll attach a screen shot of the thread I’m referring to. Thanks for any help.

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