Ok i will try to make a long story short just bought an 11 900xp i it has about 700 miles it now i have driven it five times about 75 miles total. first four times flawless. today it started perfect (cold) i drove and put gas in it for the first time since owning it(started perfect after filling). I then ran to a buddies 7or8 miles ish stopped for an hour left there started perfect again went another 6 miles stopped for an hour or so at my dads house he hopped in and drove just around the yard a bit started perfect shut it off sat just a few minutes and then i went to leave and it wouldn’t fire just would swing and swing until i gave it gas and then it fired and ran fine. I shut it off and it fired right backup. So i took off to town seemed to run fine got back to my brothers garage let it sit for awhile and the same thing wouldn’t fire until i gave it gas shut it off and it fired right away. Im really sorry for all that but i wanted you guys to know the full scenario im no motorhead but if someone could steer me in the right direction i would appreciate it thanks for your time

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