Hi guys. Got a 2012 RZR 900 XP. I’m replacing the stator and the flywheel/magnet. Upon further inspection after removing the stator from the cover and cleaning it up I noticed these 2 pieces of metal. Anyone know what this may have been? Not sure if it’s foreign or part of this assembly and just let go… It’s no doubt the cause of the stator failling (as you can see with the condition of it and the flywheel). It was like this when I purchased the machine and obviously they ran it with this banging around in there…yay.

Also, anyone have a tip for removing/installing the 3/4 bolt the holds the flywheel on? Damn thing just spins, and I don’t see a spot to lock anything up. Removing it isn’t a big problem, not worried about damaging the bad flywheel but installing the good one…? Put it in gear?
Thanks in advance.

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