Hi Guys, Posted about a rough idle at start before here but haven’t really received any advice that makes me too sure how to correct it. I finally got around to tearing apart my XP, and am thinking I am going to check/ adjust the valves while I have the plastics off. I have been dealing with some issues that are probably minor but haven’t gotten around to.

So I have something draining my battery when it sits that I have to find, but with the rough idle and a low battery it makes it extremely tough to get rzr running. (Battery is Brand New) When I do get the rzr to fire it acts like it is starving gas/ acts cold blooded. I have to press the gas pedal to try getting past the stuttering idle. This takes about a minute or so to get past the stuttering idle before I can walk away and let it idle on its own.

So in the past people talked about a AIR FLOW SENSOR being dirty. I have searched and search and searched and not sure what it looks like or where it is located. So I am planning on finding that and cleaning that if anyone can point me in the direction that it is located.

Second people have mentioned tight valves. Which could make sense. On my old Raptor they used to tighten up and I would have to adjust. So with the Box off I was thinking of tackling that also. I will have to look in manual how to do that I am sure..

So I am hoping these two things will resolve my rough/ hard idle on the start of the machine. Only does it when it sits for a few days/ weeks. Once it is running it will fire up no problem.

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