I recently finished up a valve adjustment on my 2012. Everything went ok, and I had to adjust the shims to one step smaller on three intake valves and one exhaust valve that were a little tighter than spec. After putting in the new shims and following the service manual to a T, the clearances checked out and I put everything back together. It fired up just fine and runs great, but there is what seems like more valve ticking now in the 2500 rpm area. I can’t hear it at idle nor under heavier throttle, and it is the same after it’s warmed up.

So, how much valvetrain noise should there normally be? I assumed that it may be slightly louder than before as I had to increase the clearances a bit to be in spec, but it’s a fair bit louder. Everything was installed and tightened to spec, including the torque sequences. I just want to be confident that nothing was messed up in the process. I should note that I also did an oil change and put in T6 5W40 synthetic, but I doubt that the new oil would contribute to the noise.

Thoughts? Who knows, maybe there’s a small exhaust leak before the muffler that I’m misdiagnosing…

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