Hi everyone,

Long story short, I misjudged the bed of a creek crossing yesterday. What I thought was going to be 8-10″ of water turned out to be deeper once we sunk in the muck of the bottom. I ended up getting stuck with water up to about 6″ below the seats.

We got it pulled out within about 10-15 minutes with my buddy’s 4Runner. I checked the fuel tank and it didn’t look like any water got in as I had filled it up right before going out. Pulled the drain plug on the clutch cover and let that drain out, check the air box and the water didn’t get up that high. After letting it sit for 5-10 minutes I cranked it over once to make sure no water got in (didn’t think it did). Then fired it up and it seemed to run fine, sounded normal, etc. So I drove it back to the truck/trailer a few miles down the road and everything sounded and felt normal and it didn’t get hot at all (as it would if the oil was contaminated). Loaded it up, brought it home, cleaned it up and threw it in the shop last night.

Now I know these things are built to get into water up to at least the floorboards from what I’ve read. Obviously this is a little bit deeper and it sat there for a while. I’m thinking it’s all fine but being a newbie I wanted to check with you more experienced owners on what I should be checking over now.
Engine oil is a given. I don’t think it was deep enough to get to the vents for the diffs or transmission but what do you guys think? Do I need to be checking those as well? What about the fuel tank? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Here’s a few more pictures of pulling it out just for fun.

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