Hello, My 2012 rzr 900xp has had some issues. Since I bought it there has been a hard start issue when its hot that used to happen often but not every time, this problem almost completely went away after I installed a two brothers dual exhaust. after the exhaust was installed I notice the rzr hitting the rev limiter on hard acceleration about 65mph+ but I can creep up to 78mph if i’m light on the throttle. more recently the rzr started stalling after some slow trail riding (this happened as soon as I let off the throttle) but then after some high speed riding the problem went away for a bit then came back after some easy trail riding then it disappeared and has not returned yet. but the hard starting issue has been happing more often since then. Any ideas what my problems might be? my rzr does have 6000+ miles on it and 350+hours and no fuel controller with the exhaust.

thank you in advanced


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