Hey guys I’m new to the sxs stuff but not to Motorsports and off-road toys. I finally pulled the trigger in May and came home with a 2015 XP 1000 desert edition with less than 12hrs on it. Never thought I would find one in south Texas and I couldn’t pass it up for the price. It kept me from getting a new turbo or trying to track down a fox edition.

I love this thing but, I hate the way it sits. The salesman told me thats just how the these sit because of the shock tuning on the desert edition. I should of researched more first but, I accepted his answer at the time not thinking much of it. Well after a my first trip out I have to call BS this thing seems to bottom out on everything, the body roll in corners and acceleration is almost uncontrollable, and I can’t get it to jump to save my life. I was following another rzr over a table top and he would lift 2 ft off the ground while I stayed pretty much planted no matter the speed. I tried to add some pre load but, the collars are locked up solid. Then I attempted to add some nitrogen and watched the guage jump from 100psi to 170psi and then just drop down again to below a 100psi. I only have 2″ of shaft exposed just sitting on level ground in the front and the tender springs are completely completely compressed. I can grab the front bumper and pick it up a good 4″ with little effort.

I know I have some serious problems but, I’m stuck on how to move forward. I’ve been looking at shock therapy and considered ordering a set of 2pc preload collars. This was the plan until I came across the Zbros 3stage setup. This looks like a nice setup that I would be happy with for a while.

So I’ve got 3 paths I can take.

1). Call the dealer and let it sit for the next month or two and be stuck with stock performance afterwards. ( Trying to make a family ride next weekend which means I would probably miss it)

2). Order the Zbros stage 3 kit and a set of split preload collars and maybe some steel bodies. And possibly add the high low compression adjusters

3). Order a set of FOX RC2s or IBP

Any thoughts????

Thanks guys.

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