ttttttI have a 2017 1000 XP 2 seater. Looking for the plushest ride with a little lift. I want to run 32 inch tires. I have herd the bracket lift rides ruff. I talked to Shack Therapy and they said there springs will add an inch or two the ride height of the RZP. The also said with RIS system and there shocks my RZR will ride like a cadilac. I want an exrra 1 inch or so of Ground clearance with the Cadillac ride. I ride trails and a little bit of everything else. Has any any one done the Shock Therapy RIS? How do you like them and did it improve the slow speak ride quality? Alos did it give you a little more ground clearance? I hear that guys running 32 inch tires rub a little. I figure an inch or two would help with the rudding. Thanks for any advivoce.

I also talked to RT and they recommended the bracket lift and there standard springs. I think it cost around 900.

The Shock Therapy is 1600 but you also get your shocks revalved and new springs.

Again thanks for all your input.

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