Alright just want to thank everyone in advance for there help!

I have spent days reading about what I should do to my factory xp 1000 shocks, and I am thoroughly confused at this point lol. I have a 2016 xp 1000, I get to the dunes twice a year, and I mostly cruise gravel roads. I also do some trail riding. I absolutely hate when I jump this thing it nose dives, I have adjusted my compression and pre load on the shocks with hardly any improvement. My biggest issue is my budget I am very tight on toy funds right now but I need to do something to improve the handling/ ride/ and nose diving. What eibach springs do I need for the front? Or will doing the Shock Therypast stage 2 spring kit be enough? Can I use both? I really would like to keep the upgrade under 500 bucks.

Again thank you all for your help, and sorry for asking this question as it seems its brought up a lot.


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