Hey everyone I put a hmf full exhaust K&N filter and dynojet tuner rzr runs like complete crap goes into limp mode back fires throws misfire codes out new plugs in it and all back to stock runs perfectly fine tried it just with a slip on no tuner same thing so then put it all back to stock ran great now is starting to break up in high rpms backfire and what not sent my computer out to evolution power sports to get stage 2 tune and some things changed out the exhaust all back on same thing now it’s just stock I’m limp mode turbo gets red hot with aftermarket exhaust doesn’t with stock but now either way is running like crap bought it brand new has around 200miles on it now has aftermarket blow off valve as well I never had any issues with my 900s in 3 years get this one with in 4months and I’m at my wits end with it and every shop and person I talk to don’t understand why it would do that and no one else have had any issues with putting exhaust on them any input would be awesome thanks

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