Have a 2018 RZR Dynamic 2 seater. Had a soft roll over with minimal damage. The only issue is it overheats now. The radiators are cold and the fill tank bubbles when you start the RZR. Tried to bleed the air from the coolant system.
Here are the steps we did:
1 – Raised the frontend 3 feet higher then the rear.
2 – Removed radiator cap.
3 – Opened bleed screw on engine block until coolant came out.
4 – Put cap back on and ran engine until fan came on.
5 – bleed the block again.
Repeated these steps multiple times.

It still will overheat and the radiators and cold, No circulation.

Did we miss a step? Any ideas?

Ps: it’s a bitch to get to the bleed screw with all the new heat shields in the 2018s.

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