How many people that own these RZRs have actually got the Polaris MB Quarts speakers that mount on the door or the speaker pods they sell to work on their Turbo RZR with Dynamics? These have radios on the Ride Command but they just put out signal. I bought the factory door speakers by MB Quarts that plug and play into this machine. All I get is static. The Dynamics computer is interfering with the Ride Command. The problem is in the Ride Command and if you flip the 3 position switch from comfort to sport, then firm you will hear the different noise in the static. I’m going to say all the machines out there do the exact same thing but they still sell them. I own a ‘17 model Turbo RZR and now this one you see in my pic. I went to the Polaris website to the build my rzr tab to find the speakers that fit my machine. They were listed under lighting and audio. After purchasing the speakers and discovering there was an issue, I spoke with the dealership. They said they had been having problems with these machines and were instructed by Polaris not to install any more audio. So, I called Samantha at Polaris Industries who is over the Ride Command. I pointed out the issue I was having with the speakers. After talking to me, Samantha had the website changed and now listed for the Dynamics RZR are a sub and pods with a separate Bluetooth device. The problem is, Polaris said the speakers I purchased were compatible when I bought them but in reality they are not. I don’t know of anything that is compatible with the radio/Bluetooth that I spent a lot of money on. Samantha tells me they are coming out with an updated amp. But it will have a popping sound when you turn the key on or off. And it will hum unless you push the mute button. With all the money I spent shouldn’t I be able to not hear the extra sounds without having to mute the sound? I wouldn’t expect to get into a new truck or car and have to do that. The Ride Command on anything but a Dynamics works perfectly fine. If I had known this stuff didn’t work together, I wouldn’t have spent the extra money for the Dynamics model. With a MSRP of $25,999 you would think Polaris would have better quality control and check this before going ahead and selling these machines. They just released the RZR Turbo S with Dynamics and I’m sure it has the same issue. I would like to know if anyone else’s is working or not. If not, I have a number for you. Don’t waste your time emailing them because they won’t answer. Instead call 1-800-765-2747 and ask for Samantha, over Ride Command. Tell her Chris gave you the number. I’m sure she will remember me from the many conversations we’ve already had regarding this issue.

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