I am planning on buying on purchasing an XP Dynamix next week. I’m in Los Cabos, Baja Sur and we just got a dealership last week after 4 years since the last one closed. All my riding buddies are great offroad mechanics, but self admitedly pretty old school, so suspicious of brand new unproven technology.
I tend to be a little more trusting and coupled with the fact that for some reason the Dynamix upgrade is considerably less money down here ( see polaris.com.mx).
So,if it’s a noticeable improvement with few downsides, I will go ahead with the purchase.

Outside of those who are presumably paid to do reviews, I’m surprised to find very few opinions from consumers who will probably have some experience at this point.

What I’m trying to find out .. is Dynamix a noticeable improvement ? Are there times where it’s a detriment ? Are there, or do you feel that there will there be reliability issues ?
I haven’t read about reliability issues with Ride Command ?

Thank you in advance for helping me wrap my head around this,

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