Recently bought a 2019 RZR Turbo S and just finished break in. I purchased an oil change kit which includes PS-4 oil and filter. After removing the Turbo S’s old filter I noticed it is a different filter than the one in the kit (Much shorter and different P/N) The filter that came with the kit (from Amazon) was P/N: 2540086, the P/N online for the Turbo S is supposed to be: 2520799. I ended up finding a K&N oil filter (P/N: KN-198) that was supposedly “designed for the Turbo S.” The K&N did look more similar to the old filter but was still taller. Anyone have 2 cents on this?

Is it OK to run with the KN-198 or should I order the stock filter? I find it weird they use such a small filter. I know on my Subaru WRX the oem filter has a specific bypass pressure that is “important” to stick with and am wondering if it is the same with the RZR. There are also other filters with that specific bypass pressure out there so I am wondering if it is the same deal with this.

Here are some pictures below if anyone is curious, cut open the old one too as a bonus… lots of metal flakes (hopefully just from break in).

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