Well got to test out the new Turbo S and I am very hard to impress, but I have to say they nailed it for a off the showroom floor to the trails best car I have had and have spent much more than I did for this car. I picked up a set of Simpson seats and ST springs but have to say rides better with stock springs than any car I have had including my 4 seater, the Dynamix is very impressive to say the least, and the steering, it goes where ever you point the car, I am glad I finally pulled the trigger and I get the Turbo S experience. Power wise not quite what I am used to but super drivable and plenty of power for the trails, will climb like a goat on steroids!
Got the seats installed and also the stock belts are not bad at all, I think I am going to use them for now.
Will get the ST springs installed tomorrow, wanted to smash on stock springs today so I can see if any improvment with ST springs.
Will be a slow build since this car is ready when you buy it, but will update my opinions as I use it.

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