Hello guys,
I purchased my Turbo S back in May of this year but have had several life matters come up that have kept me from taking her out on her first ride.
I went out last weekend for 3 days and I think my Dynamix is not working correctly. In demo mode it will show the steering wheel movement in the outer shocks firming up. As soon as I start the engine it shows the steering wheel movement but the shock values stay at 0-1 in comfort mode, 5-6 in sport mode and 10 in firm mode. While driving the vehicle in rough terrain in the different modes the shock values stay between 0-1 in comfort , 5-6 in sport and 10 in firm. I thought that I would see the shocks adjusting to hits, turns, braking or jumps. I also can not feel a difference between the shock settings. Can you let me know if this is correct or if I need to take her into the dealer for some work? Thanks guys.

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