Two trips and 400 miles into my 4 seat S, and so far it’s been pretty damn awesome. All high speed desert riding in Ocotillo. Here’s my review…

The suspension is much more capable than my 2016 NA 4 seater. I can take on huge whoops that i couldn’t touch in my other machine. The ability to switch between sport and firm on the fly also really makes a difference. I can run in sport through all the whoops then switch to firm for flatter surfaces and really tighten up the handling. Very confidence inspiring.

This is the first time I’ve run 32″ tires and now i wish i had done it sooner. The additional clearance has been great. I used it to clear rocks at high speed I would have gone around before. The rocks I did hit with the tires were way less jarring. Just a much smoother and more enjoyable ride.

This is also the first machine I’ve had with ride command, and overall I really like it. Having the GPS right there is great. All the trails i rode were in the system. Gives you tons of freedom to explore without having to worry about getting lost. I’m also using the SSV Works plug and play speaker system. Sounds great but I have noticed occasionally the music will cut out for a split second and come back. Not sure if it’s a bluetooth issue or what. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has had this issue. The bigger issue I did have with the ride command is that sometimes on startup, the touchscreen will be unresponsive. Everything loads and the hard buttons work, but I couldn’t touch any of the buttons on the screen. Restarted the machine multiple times as well as hard restart on the screen but nothing. Finally i think i figured out that the temperature seems to have something to do with it. All the problems I had were in the morning when it was coldest. After running the machine for a while and restarting it would work again. Never had any issues in the afternoon when the sun was out. I plan on contacting Polaris to see if this is a known issue.

Power was pretty good. Had it up to 80mph. Coming from a NA machine the turbo is definitely a big boost. especially uphill. I’d still like a little more, hopefully a tune will get me where i want to be, but I don’t plan on tuning past 93 octane.

The rest of the machine was pretty familiar. Seats suck but I’ll replace those. The new harnesses are just ok, I’ll probably switch those out as well. I wired up a lighted whip and Sector Seven mirrors with a SPOD. I’ll update as I build out the machine and get more time behind the wheel.

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