I will be picking up my XP4 Turbo S next week and am wanting to get some accessories and safety items ordered up. Will be riding dunes and trails and will have car seats in the back seats for my 2 and 3 yr old boys. I’ll take it easy with them and run it hard when without. Want to add a different cage but not for a while so spending a lot of money on a windshield might not be wise for a while. Dealership is installing the winch (Polaris pro HD 4500) for me which is important since I will not always by riding with buddies. So…. my thoughts so far are,

-Fire extinguisher and quick release bracket
-2 spare belts, brand? Better tool for changing belts?
– Razorback 3.0 belt temp gauge
– tire repair kit
-hitch receiver for towing/recovery
– recovery kit (tow strap, snatch block, etc)
– good first aid kit
– rear view mirror
– e- brake
– flip down windshield ( from super ATV)
– dual led whips
– light bar, I want it to mount below the roof line and am wanting a less expensive one from amazon or similar.
– heretic grill w/light bar (if it’s even made yet for the turbo s)

This my 1st UTV ever, but I Raced motocross back in the day and have been on quads and dirt bikes since 3 yrs old.

Thanks guys and galls

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