Hey guys/gals,

Anyone else have issues with their touch screen?

My first ride, the screen glitched out on me but I simply shut the machine off and restarted it, then worked ok until a few weeks ago. I went for a Saturday ride, parked the machine in the garage then went to fire it up Sunday and nothing was working, nothing, not even the screen in front of the steering wheel. I turned the machine off and on a couple of times, disconnected, reconnected the battery and still nothing.

I pulled out the power probe and start checking fuses and the instrument fuse is blown and showing power on one side and ground on the other side. So now I know there is a short somewhere. looked over the entire harness and everything seemed fine. I unplug the ride command screen and the short goes away. I stick another fuse back in with the ride command still unplugged and my screen behind the steering wheel is now working.

Off to the dealer I go as now I’ve determined that I have a faulty screen. Good news is, I have another one coming under warranty but bad news is, its on back order. I assume this is a common problem if the screens are on back order.

Anyone else having these issues?


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