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Ok, I dont have any more room to purchase vehicles to ride and use for R&D, (actually, the wife shut me down), so, if anyone local wants to see and feel what that car can really do?! Im offering a free revalve and custom set up on their new XPTS! I already have the recipe for those Fox shocks, but i need to tweek it, and fine tune a little for the long travel dynamix. Remember, we have already been setting up aftermarket LT XP cars for years!

So, Instead of changing how the dynamix program works, we just valved the shocks to work around the program settings and take full advantage of the system. With the updated valving, and the dynamix system, you will get a much wider spectrum of soft to firm than ever before. We take most of that harshness out of the car, especially the rear, so the car sticks to the ground and takes on the trail more level and steady. So the soft settings are much more plush, and the firmest settings do the job if your car is loaded down and or you decide to drive aggressively.

Shoot me a text, for a call for details
Fontana, CA 92336

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