Some friends were kind enough to let me tag along on their trip to Taylor Park CO. last week 7/27-8/4. Just picked it up from the dealer 7/11 so had to scramble to get the accessories mounted and finish up the gas tank for the trailer. Only had 100 miles on it when leaving for Colorado so still breaking it in.

First day out we did 90 miles up around Tincup to St. Elmo and then back to camp about 8 miles north of the reservoir. Was riding with two 4 seat 1000’s, one 4 seat 900, one 2 seat 900, and my Turbo S. This was my first trip with a RZR but have 4 wheeled many times using Jeeps, Pickups, and Bronco’s. Have to say the RZR is by far the easiest to use and in my opinion the most fun. Was able to keep up although I did pass on a couple trails that were more than I wanted at this point. We went up Flag mountain which was probably the steepest and longest climb at altitude, saw 216* for just a second but was back down to 194* by the time we stopped on top. Couple in our group had some temp issues and had to stop for a cooling off period.

What surprised me the most was the gas mileage of the Turbo S, When we got back from the 90 mile day still had 1/2 a tank and everyone else was at 1/4 or less. I had mounted a 31/2 gal. gas can thinking I would use more than everyone. And then again it was still in break in mode so throttle wasn’t being mashed to the floor. Rarely was it ever 1/2 throttle as it wasn’t needed to keep up and the guys I was with don’t like being passed. It was smooth ride over the rocks, took a bit to get used to being able to drive over rocks that are 12-14″ and not hit. The few whoops I found I did discover it was better ride a little faster than slower, seemed to just float over them at speed.

It was a great first trip with the RZR and look forward to many more when we can ride them again.

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