I took my new Turbo S in for the break in service (a little early) because I am heading to Idaho with it in a week and a half. I had noticed a little bit of diff fluid on the bottom of the differential and had the dealer check it out. At first they told me it was a bad seal and they were going to order a new seal kit for it. When I came to pick it up (didn’t want to leave it at the dealer waiting for the seal kit), there was a puddle of diff fluid under the machine. The dealer said it was a little low when they checked it so the filled it to the proper level. Apparently it dripped down to a level below the location of the leak in the diff after it was filled and parked. I had never noticed a puddle or even a leak before. I just had a little bit of fluid on the bottom of the diff (more like seepage from the drain plug), not enough to actually drip down. It must have leaked to the stasis level at the dealer or in transit to the dealer before I purchased it (a different dealer than the one doing the service). Then when it was filled back up, it leaked down again at the servicing dealer.

I brought the machine home and waited for the new seal kit to arrive. The next day, I got a call from the dealer saying it wasn’t a bad seal, but was in fact a bad hub on the passenger side (according to Polaris when they tried to order the seal kit). It is obviously a known issue. After searching around on the forum here, I see previous model RZR’s have had the same issue. I hoped the redesign of the Turbo S differential would have fixed this problem, but apparently not. My new hub assembly should be in tomorrow and the machine goes in Friday for the replacement. I’ll be riding on Saturday to test everything out before I head out on my trip the end of next week.

I’m not real happy about the issue, but there isn’t anything I can do other than have the hub replaced. For those of you with the new Turbo S, keep an eye on your front diffs/hubs and check your differential fluid level.

My servicing dealer told me Polaris often leaves the fluid level a little low from the factory to start with (anything to save a few pennies apparently). I’m not unhappy with the machine at all (it is awesome), but I am unhappy with this issue.

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