I’m thinking about Cages….I’ve been searching a bit between CageWRX, Houser, UTV Inc. and SDR, it got me thinking about modifying the stock cage.
Is this just a bad idea or have some had good results with this?
Of course I ‘m already about a grand into the Polaris Aluminum Roof and the National Windshield with a washer and wiper so it would be great if somehow those could be used.
Why do I want a cage? Honestly #1 looks. #2 safety lol! Just being honest here!! I would love to drop the back section. I’m 6’4″ so not sure how far that can get chopped. Also, I always wear a Helmut so that adds some height.
I do have a great fabricator down the street from me so it definitely will be done right.
Set me straight Please!!


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