Purchased a 2016 custom Xp Turbo 1000 in June of 2016. Only customization was the cage, lights, seats, stereo and a winch. This is now a $40,000 car. First outing with it was in Bryce Utah in August of last year, had no problems with it at all. Got home and found there were a couple recalls ZSA-16-01 and ZSA-16-02 which included high flow fan kit for improved engine cooling. We haven’t had it out much since the time because it rained all winter here in California. Took it to Utah again a couple of weeks ago Marysvale where we used to take our 800 and had no problems at all, would climb anything and this 1000 Turbo kept getting hot. It was only about 75 to 85 degrees outside and the Polaris would get to 230 degrees while riding the Paiute trail climbing from an elevation of 5800 to 9800. There’s only 59 hours and 733 miles on the vehicle. anyone else having these kind of problems? If so, do you know what the fix is? We did get our warranty extended due to the recalls.

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