Last year I was one of the complainers over the XPT recalls and Polaris agreed to give me an additional 6-month warranty, pushing my coverage to June of 2017.

However, before that expired, Polaris gave all XPT owners an additional one year, which I presumed to have pushed my coverage out to June 2018. Last week though, when my machine was in the shop (again), they said that my warranty coverage expires next week.

Today I called Polaris Customer Service in hopes to clear it up and all they could say is that my coverage expired six months after my purchase (December 2016). I asked about the additional one year that ALL XPT owners received, not even taking the additional six months I received into account, and they simply said, “our records don’t show anything of the sort.”

I then asked them about my ability to purchase an extended warranty and they said I was unable to because I’m outside the warranty. This is my 5th RZR and never once did I expect any special treatment or favors, but for them to deny I was under coverage after ALL XPT owners were given 18 months (6-month standard plus 12-month add-on), and when I’m still in that period, is absolutely unbelievable.

I’m just posting this for everyone else to be aware that just because you think you might be covered, Polaris seems to have a different agenda.

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