Hello, Im have the new 17 xp 1000 turbo. Ive been wanting to put in a fan overide switch to be able to turn the fan on when I need it. Mainly right before shut down to suck all that heat built up in the cooling system and engine. Will also help pull the heat from the cheryy red turbo center section. Every kit I see notes: “Not for 2017 turbo” well decided to do it myself upon testing found it is run by a PWM signal from the ECU. So looks like tbis will not be happening. Any ideas on how I can get this done. Possibly fool the ecu temp sensor so it triggers fan on demand?Maybe a stand alone brushless motor controller? Anyone know where the fan gets its signal from? Coolant temp sensor? Adding a pusher fan might be the only option I have. Got to love full computer control in a side by side. Any thoughts or ideas would be great.

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