Picked up a Cruiser Black at Ridenow Surprise today. The guy that does the walk around was great. He told me that you can go upto 75% throttle in the break in period and NEVER jab the throttle even after break in period (10 hours) is over. I asked him why I could never jab and he said it will hourglass the belt which I have heard before but never understood so he drew a picture of the primary shape and the belt shape and explained how the primary and belt are traveling at different speeds and showed how it will hourglass the belt.
Here’s the knock detection part, he told me that if you glaze or hourglass your belt the motor detects it, current RZR’s without the knock detection will throw a code and there’s less chance of breaking a belt with knock detection, I didn’t hear why because I was sitting in the driver’s seat daydreaming, but it had something to do with the crank sensor.
I thought knock detection was for bad fuel or is it anti-knock detection I’m thinking of.
The Titanium Matte Metallic is pretty cool looking and Tribal.
Can’t wait to hit the dunes
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