The 2018 part diagrams are out as of this morning.


Most of the diagrams are the same, but there are some part # variations.

2018 XPT wheel bearing is part # 3514924.
2017 XPT wheel bearing is part # 3514822.

The dimensions listed are the same, but the hub part #’s changed, as did the axle part #’s, outer CV part #’s, and axle washer part #’s. Knuckles, brake rotors, and axle nuts are the same part #’s. I have a 2018 wheel bearing on order to test fit in a 2016.

As expected, the 2018 has new part #’s for the prop shaft and carrier bearing.

The 2018 XPT has a new ball joint part # across the board, which is the second time it has been changed since 2014. The 2018 ball joint is part # 7082275, and the 2015-2017 ball joint is part # 7081992.

The front lower arms use the same base part # with only the variations for color, but the front upper arms use a new base part # which usually indicates a change. Bushings are the same between 2017 and 2018.

Clutches, frames, turbocharger, brake systems and cooling systems are the same between 2017 and 2018. As are the front diffs, fuel tanks, fuel pumps, sway bars, most of the plastics(except for color variations). Engine and transmission appear to be identical.

In addition to the new shocks, the Dynamix model gets a unique power steering motor, plus a new module and bracket that mount under the dash, and a temp sensor for the voltage regulator. Plus an assortment of other changes like the instrument cluster, and a third switch on the dash.

Stators are the same between all 2017 and 2018 XPT’s, but the voltage regulators are different on the Dynamix. 2017 XPT and standard 2018 XPT gets a 50 amp regulator, but the Dynamix only gets a 35 amp regulator.

2017 and base 2018: 4014856 REGULATOR-3PH,50A,SERIES,HISPD
2018 Dynamix: 4012941 REGULATOR-3PH,35A,SERIES,105C

Dynamix also gets an entirely different wiring harness and fusebox setup. Headlights are different as well, but tail lights are the same.

Anyone see any other big changes?

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